The Accident and  Emergency department of Jumuia Hospitals, delivers a high standard service for critically ill or injured patients who need urgent medical attention. Our Hospital’s 24-hour emergency and trauma care unit is geared to meet all medical and surgical emergencies including poly trauma, 365 days in a year. It is located on the ground floor of the hospital for easy transfer of patients from the ambulance to the unit. Our department is fully equipped with the appropriate emergency medical service facilities and equipment to help the patients who need immediate care.

Our services extend a fleet of fully equipped ambulance managed by paramedics trained fully in Basic Life Support and Basic Trauma Support, ensuring speedy and effective pre-hospital care. We also provide disaster care to the community in case of any major incidents. We have a well-trained emergency medical care team of doctors, paramedics, nurses, diagnostic radiographers, reception staff, porters and healthcare assistants for rapid assessment and management of various critical situations. Our team works round the clock to treat the people in need, in a very effective way, by applying cutting-edge solutions supported by a state-of-art infrastructure for patient care and comfort.

The Emergency department in  all our Hospitals has a separate Triage and Observation areas. It also includes a Minor Operation Theatre dedicated to emergency procedures and a separate room for the management of infectious patients. The emergency care unit is fully backed by consultants from all specialties and super specialties round the clock. Our sophisticated radiological imaging, mechanical ventilation and hemodynamics support with proper and timely fluid insertion (saline & glucose) is availed with each bed for delivering patient equity care.

Patients are triaged on their arrival in order to prioritize the medical care to be provided. Patients arriving triaged area are first seen and stabilized, the patients who need to be admitted in the hospitals for few hours are kept in an observation area. This ensures rapid assessment of patients with the governing principles of triage, leading to the efficient and effective management of critical situations. We involve patients’ opinions during their treatment by keeping them fully informed about their health investigations and treatment. After the treatment, patients are discharged with a proper discharge summary and follow-up. In case, the patient needs to be admitted his or her care will be taken over by the respective inpatient department in the hospital. We ensure shortest turnaround time for diagnosis and treatment planning of the trauma patients, and give additional care during the critical moments, therefore increasing the patient’s chances of survival