About Us

Jumuia Hospital headquartered in Nairobi, is an integrated healthcare initiative of National Council of Churches, Kenya, a faith-based multicultural and multi-denominational Christian organization. The Jumuia hospital unites the leading physicians, healthcare professionals and latest healthcare facilities to the system. Jumuia’s vision, to provide globally competitive healthcare facilities and services is supported by its mission to provide a comprehensive range of accessible, affordable, high- quality and integrated Christ-centered healthcare and training services for all.  Jumuia Hospital is set to provide the finest healthcare services with the latest technological support to the people of Kenya and other neighborhood countries.  Since its inception, Jumuia aims to grow, to meet the healthcare needs of one of the most diverse regions in Africa, and as well continuously set new standards in quality and innovation in patient care, research and community service. Jumuia sets itself to be widely known for its commitment in transforming healthcare for the benefit of the society. Jumuia also impacts the society through conducting various social educational and awareness programs. Most remarkably, Jumuia establishes a long-standing commitment to strengthen the Kenyan Community through widespread programs that improve the health of its most vulnerable crowd. Jumuia hospital Core Values – I CARE

  •  I – Integrity
  • C – Compassion
  • A – Accessibility
  • R – Respect
  • E – Excellence

Jumuia provides unique value, attention and care to the patients. Our quest for better health and high-quality care is our driving force. At Jumuia, we are focusing to provide high quality patient care and enhance quality of life for all, through research and awareness, and we do it irrespective of race, creed or ethnic origin.

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