Jumuia hospital is known for its effective 24 x 7 emergency ambulance service. Emergency Ambulance coverage includes emergency transportation (including wait time and treatment at the scene) by a licensed ambulance service from the location to Jumuia Hospitals. The ambulance is equipped with emergency medical infrastructure to give treatment for multiple types of emergencies, whether it is acute or chronic. They have the emergency kit with the stethoscope, bandages & disinfectant solutions and advanced medical equipment like a portable defibrillator, suction apparatus, oxygen supply, Sphygmomanometer, Nebulizer for providing Basic Life support (BLS) and Advanced Medical Support (ALS).

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) consists of active doctors, nurses & paramedics who are well-trained in all aspects of emergency care and they take the responsibility to deliver productive treatment during emergency situations. The main goal of the ambulance service is to give prompt and acute medical care and save people during emergencies and bring them out of danger.

The ambulance service has a good communication network with the emergency team to make prior arrangement to receive the patient and respond quickly. Once the emergency department receives an emergency call, they react quickly by getting all the necessary information and sending the ambulance to the location for the pickup of the patient, at the earliest without any delays, as time is precious to save lives. The Ambulance service also provides assistance in transferring the patient out from the Hospital