The well trained and compassionate physicians and other medical staff of the General Medicine Department of Jumuia Hospitals provide a high standard medical service to the patients. We are dedicated to provide patient centered, evidence-based medical care with the help of our sophisticated clinical environment. We aim at improving health and healthcare services through teamwork, diversity, transparency, creativity and commitment. We serve all patients with chronic and complex conditions.

We offer comprehensive inpatient, outpatient and intensive care depending on the need of patients. This department involves in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of a wide variety of diseases and conditions as well as long-term management of chronic and complex problems of adults and the elderly. The department concentrates in maintaining long-term adult wellness, combining patient-centred care with high standards and latest advances in medical technology.

The General Medicine Department acts as an interlink to all the other departments and specialties in the hospital. We serve the patients by working synergistically with other medical professionals and by fostering a culture of safety with a focus on quality improvement. The doctors of the general medicine department have a mutual understanding for the management of complicated cases and complex multi-organ medical problems.

The role of the department involves in providing standardized services to the patients with any ailments, undiagnosed rare infections as well as the common infections. The patients are accurately diagnosed with a wide range of the services available in the hospital and managed in the respective departments.

We provide 24-hour care to the patients and also consultative services to those patients who require surgery. In the case of multiple problems in a patient, the physicians have a special role to play in regulating medications and providing comprehensive care to the patient. Treatments & Procedures include:

  • Risk assessment, investigations, and management
  • Treatment of infectious diseases like tuberculosis, typhoid and gastroenteritis
  • Treatment of acute and chronic illness like heart and lung disorders
  • Health checks for adults, including high-risk groups
  • Pre-operative assessment and management of patients undergoing surgery

General Medicine Department is well placed and actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with other departments within the hospital to optimise and streamline the care we provide to our patients.