Jumuia Hospital’s Day Surgery Centre provides quality care to the medical and surgical patients who are admitted for surgical procedures which are simple, short duration and is not very complicated. We offer a friendly environment and holistic care with courtesy and dignity to our patients. We provide the finest combination of convenience, privacy, comfort and compassionate service. We concentrate on the ambience of the surroundings because it plays an important role in the speedy recovery of the patients.

The department comprises expert surgeons, anesthesiologists, an experienced team of nurses, nursing assistants, surgical technicians and dedicated support staff. This department undertakes multiple specialities including orthopaedics, paediatrics, gynaecology and urology. It provides comprehensive care and assistance to the patients, right from pre-hospitalization to discharge and aftercare.

We perform outpatient surgical procedures by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and surgical techniques. The advances in surgical techniques, anesthesiology and pain relief are important contributing factors in the increased popularity of daycare surgeries. The department consists of the best surgeons in Kenya who perform various critical medical surgeries with high success rates. All our surgeons are highly trained and well experienced.

The department is incorporated with highly sophisticated operation theatres in Kenya using the latest technology to provide each patient with the highest possible care. We make sure the comfort and feel at home experience of each patient during the treatment procedure. We believe that our patients have a right to choose and to involve in the treatment and care they receive.

The surgery is done either under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic and the majority of the patients return home on the same day. Patients are pre-assessed before the day of surgery and given instructions that they should adhere to carefully.

Pre-surgical and post-surgical instructions are given to the patients and the attenders. If the patient requires an overnight stay in case of any complications they are transferred to an appropriate ward within the hospital.

This department works together diligently to ensure that our patients have a safe and satisfying surgical experience that supports a better recovery.