Jumuia Friends hospital has one of the best emergency and accident care services which provide uniform quality care across the country. They work round the clock and provide treatment for all emergency cases with the skilled panel of doctors, nurses and technicians who handle all kinds of crisis.

An emergency unit is the core functionality of the hospital and is considered as a mini hospital by itself as they attend to severe trauma to serious life threatening conditions. The triage is an area where the patients are categorized based on the degree of illness/trauma, prognosis and availability of resources. The patients are brought to the emergency unit and looked by the emergency team and are stabilized at the earliest. Once the patient is stabilized they are shifted either to the ward or the operation theatre depending upon the condition of the patient. Lifesaving procedures is done to critical patients as they know how precious human life is.

The emergency team comprises doctors who are intensively trained in emergency care, specialized nurses, technicians and other hospital supporting staffs. The unit has specialized instruments and observation room. Jumuia hospitals have emergency ambulance services that serve and bring patients who are critically ill at the right time. The patients are continuously monitored and are provided prompt service without any delays. The emergency department follows strict procedures and medical protocols which are the added benefit to the patients and families.


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