Jumuia Hospital’s Operating room attributes a legacy of excellence and it is specially designed for smooth operating flow and to execute various surgical procedures in a successful way. The hospital provides major operating theatres and minor operating theatres to handle different types of surgeries for all the different specialties. Our Operation theatres are one of the finest, spacious & sophisticated modular operating theatres in Kenya with advanced equipment’s to carry out surgeries and also by controlling infections in an effective manner.

Our aim is to offer a highly sterile and safe environment to keep the patients comfortable. We use the latest technology to cut the risk of infection to avoid complications and thus providing faster recovery for the patients. We have a team of well-trained surgeons, nurses, paramedics, technicians and biomedical engineers to follow the post and pre-operative procedures and handle the surgical tools and instruments effectively and efficiently.

The Operation theatres are opened throughout the day to perform any kind of easy or complex surgeries. The Standard Operating Procedures are strictly practised to provide a world-class treatment and environment to the patients. We have minor operating theatres for performing simple and uncomplicated surgeries and major Operating theatres for complicated surgeries.

The process flow in operation theatre is well-managed by our team. We prepare the patient for surgery in the pre-operative care unit where we check the vital signals and after the surgery, we shift the person to the post-operative unit before shifting to the ward, where the vitals are continuously monitored. The workplace is well-organized and connected with intensive care units and emergency department to handle emergency surgeries as well.