If you are looking for a family medicine centre in Western Kenya, you can opt for Jumuia Friends hospital, Kaimosi as it offers comprehensive and well subtle range of services for the whole family. Family medicine is a trending specialty in which it incorporates care for all gender and people of all ages despite of a particular chief complain or disease. Family physicians play an important role in giving medical care to a family as a whole and they treat all kinds of disease and conditions and also present continuing of care.

The family medicine unit provides acute, chronic and preventive care to people of all ages in the family. The physicians also provide comprehensive services rather than only clinical but also integrate behavioural and biological sciences. A complete family gets treatment under one place making them feel comfortable by the family physicians.

The family physician, other than providing treatment and diagnosing the illness they focus on preventive care, advises routine health check-ups, makes regular health assessments and also does counselling. They do manage chronic diseases as they coordinate with doctors in other specialties and give ongoing care to the members of the family. They even refer if the patient require any further advanced treatment for recovery.


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