ICU Services

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Jumuia Hospitals provides the finest care to patients who suffer from a serious medical problem. We provide high-quality, compassionate and equity care to patients at risk or with existing critical illness. The care for the patients in our ICU units are provided by highly trained Emergency department registrar, anesthetist, radiologists, surgeons, medical officers of all specialties, critical registered nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and other allied health professionals. They utilize their unique expertise and ability to provide intensive resuscitation, Endotracheal intubation, Peripheral venous catheterization, Central venous catheterization, Arterial cannulation / PiCCO insertion, Pulmonary artery catheterization, Urinary catheterization, Lumbar puncture, Intercostal drain insertion or pleurocentesis Naso-gastric / jejunal tube insertion, ongoing treatments and monitoring of the patients.

Our intensive care unit nurses are well trained to look after the patients carefully by monitoring hourly measurements and observation (regarding BP, pulse rate, urine output, oxygenation and conscious level).  We provide patients with a standardized care supported by a state of the art equipment with an expansion.

The ICU contains sophisticated monitoring equipment which help the patients who need intensive monitoring, such as in the case of pivotal hours after major surgery or patients who are considered to be critically ill or unable to transfer to a less intensively monitored units and provision of simple reliable electric ventilators for surgical and non-surgical in nature. The Hospital has several  ICU Units  including Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with specified ventilators, pulse oxymetre and monitoring equipment located on the first and second floors of the hospital.

Initial care for our patients are provided through proper coordination and infection control enhanced room, following proper hygiene, isolation and transmission based guidelines with the attending ICU staff, pharmacists and respiratory therapists for stabilization. When patients are shifted from another hospital department to our ICU unit, treatment orders are reviewed by our specialized team and new treatment plan is formulated.

Our Intensive care Units are multidisciplinary, having various specialties and technologies offering standardized care to the patients who are critically ill. Our Hospital delivers specialized and systematic clinical duties as per the protocol (trauma calls, cardiac calls).Our ICU units consist of separate facilities for post-cardiac surgery patients (Cardiac ICU), stroke patients and post-transplant patients. We also have special ICUs for neonates and pediatric cases.

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