Jumuia Friends Hospital’s inpatient unit provides round the clock medical service and patient care. We provide excellent care to our patients and families. The inpatient wards are designed in such a way that it provides hygienic ambience favoring the speedy recovery of the patients. Inpatient unit consists of well-trained nurses, doctors and other healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive care to the patients who require the hospital stay for the recovery of their health condition.

Our staffs are committed to mutual respect for having a better understanding with the patients and thus to provide a quality care to the individuals. Our nursing staff in the inpatient unit are specialized in the medical needs of the patients, including pain management. Patients receive individualized care and multifaceted treatment guided by the best doctors in Kenya.

Our inpatient unit consists of deluxe rooms, single rooms, double sharing rooms, pediatric wards and executive suite rooms. Each of our hospital units is designed to meet the specific needs of patients with different types of health conditions and needs. Depending on the need of patients the rooms can be reserved in the admission counter.

Upon admission, the patient is evaluated by a well-trained team. The team prepares the treatment plans for each patient in collaboration with the family and caregivers. The updates are collected every day and reviewed by our staffs to modify the treatment plans. We involve in comprehensive discharge planning with our patients to create a healthier and more stable future for them. We offer complete rehabilitation services and a vast array of medical and surgical specialties. Our services also include dietary care, wound care and patient education.

Diet plays an important role in the treatment of patients and it is the key to good health. It is a measurement which helps proper nutritional supplements that makes the medical or surgical treatment more effective. Our nursing staffs along with the dieticians are responsible for planning, prescribing and counselling the patients about their diet according to their health condition.

We have a comprehensive inpatient wound care program designed for patients requires extensive treatment interventions. We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of acute, chronic and complex or non-healing wounds.

We provide patients with educational materials, counselling and valuable information to make sure that the patients are well informed about the procedures and treatment they undergo in order to improve their overall experience in the hospital.

We promise to provide the best experience possible for our patients and their families who approach us for health care.