Mr. Kibuga Kariithi is the CEO of KARMA Management Services Ltd, a family office. He is the immediate former CEO of City Finance Bank Ltd and arranged the merger between City Finance Bank Ltd and Jamii Bora Kenya Ltd. Mr. Kariithi is a founder of Baraka Africa Fund and a Director of Afrika Investment Bank, a member of the Nairobi Stock Exchange, with responsibility for Corporate Finance in Eastern Africa. Up to April 2005 he was the Chief Executive Officer of the Nairobi Stock Exchange, which he left to start an Investment Bank as a conversion from an existing stockbroker. The Nairobi Stock Exchange has 47 listed companies and 65 listed debt securities with a combined market capitalization of USD 20.0 billion. Prior to joining the Stock Exchange in 1999, he was Corporate Finance Director of Barclays Bank of Kenya (BBK). At Barclays, Mr. Kariithi headed the team responsible for Capital Market activities in East Africa and managed Barclays Merchant Finance Ltd (BMFL) the merchant banking subsidiary of BBK, with a balance sheet of Kshs. 4 billion. As a team leader, Mr. Kariithi, arranged and managed Mergers & Acquisitions activity, issuance and placement of structured financial products including primary and secondary listing of equity and debt instruments, commercial paper and privatizations