Jumuia hospitals offers maternal and child health services with quality care at an affordable rate. We have an exclusive range of reproductive health care services, maternity health care services and child health.

As per the global statistics the Maternal mortality rate and Infant / child mortality rates have increased due to lack of awareness, lack in health services grounded at each level of health care demand. The main reason is the health of the mother during pregnancy. The mother who is malnourished and has poor health conditions has greater chances of delivering a baby whose probability to be morbid or die is high. The aim of maternal and child health care is to educate the mother and her family members about the complications and risk in pregnancy and increase their betterment in utilizing health services. We monitor them regularly and emphasize on educational programs. The hospital also provides antenatal and postnatal care to the mothers to avoid maternal and child mortality by diagnosing the factors inducing the risk.


Under this process the eligible couple are given knowledge and awareness regarding the various steps for controlling pregnancy as well as to plan for the gap between parity .It helps the women greatly in avoiding maternal and child death as they can get rid of unwanted pregnancies which are safer for their health. We at Jumuia Friends hospital perform safe, globally recognized and effective family planning methods in Kenya. Our family planning clinics work in a way that are harmless and provide quality care to the women. Our doctors are well skilled and ensures the family planning program is progressing in a successful way.


Our doctor advises the following family planning methods

  • Use of male and female condoms, cervical caps and spermicides.
  • Hormones can be used that helps the women by temporary ceasing the ovulation process and hence pregnancy can be avoided. It can be administered as pills, injections, gels, vaginal rings, implantable rods and intrauterine systems.
  • Emergency Contraceptive pills can be used if couples had an unprotected intercourse and it should be taken immediately either as a single or double dose with 12 hrs apart.
  • Surgical methods such as male and female sterilization, tubectomy and vasectomy are done for permanent birth control. It can be done in men or women. This surgical procedure is done under Local Anaesthesia and is under the specialized team of surgeons and nurses with proper technology and equipment.