The department of orthopaedic and spine unit at Jumuia Friends hospital provides comprehensive facilities with both inpatient and outpatient treatment options for injuries in bone, joints, ligaments, spine problems, fractures, arthritis, failed surgeries, back pain, congenital deformities, spinal deformities. Jumuia Friends hospital Kaimosi, offers the best orthopaedic treatments in Western Kenya as we compose some of the best skilled and experienced surgeons who have handled several orthopaedic and spine disorder surgeries with the latest medical equipment and techniques.

We use our extensive experience in this speciality, which spans over years, and the latest high-end tools to accurately diagnose and treat all conditions and ailments of the bones and joints, to restore our patients to normal, active lives, comfortably and quickly. We perform joint replacement surgery, spine surgery and arthroscopic surgeries at our hospital with more accuracy. Our team of experienced and expert orthopaedic surgeons offer customised solutions for every patient.


This surgery includes replacement of hip, knees, shoulders and ankles and is considered as one of the major orthopaedic procedures. It is done to treat the joints that are worn out due to trauma, age, disease or even due to arthritis. The surgeon replaces the dented joints with the artificial one which does the work of the original joint. After the surgery, physical therapy such as physiotherapy is advised to regain back to mobility


It is one of the minimally invasive procedures wherein the orthopaedic surgeon uses a tiny camera with light source by means of fiber optic to have an accurate look on the surgical site. It is used to correct injuries taken place in the knee, shoulders, hip and other parts of the body. The advantages of choosing this type of procedure is, less harm to the tissues, small cuts and faster healing when compared to the usual procedure.


This surgery is done to correct the injured shoulder by replacing it with artificial implants. It provides great relief to the patients as it diminishes their pain. Here the surgeon replaces the damaged bone or cartilage with plastic or metal implants.


This surgery is performed due to various spinal problems faced by the patient. It includes inflamed and slipped discs. When the problem does not solve with medication and physical therapy the surgeon recommends for surgery. If the patient suffers from osteoporosis, it is also treated with the spinal procedure. Even spinal fractures and deformities are treated with this type of surgery. Spinal fusion is the most common type of procedure in which the surgeon joins the spinal bones and restricts the movement between the bones and thus stretching of the nerves is limited.


Anterior cruciate ligament is one of the vital and alleviating ligaments present in the knee. When this ligament tears off due to vigorous activities, reconstruction is required and recommended. During the procedure, the surgeon replaces the torn ligament with the new tissue and fixes it to the injured knee.