Outpatient clinic in Jumuia Hospitals provides diagnosis and medical care to the patients who don’t need to stay overnight. Our outpatient clinics act as a first point of contact between the patient and the hospital staff. We provide a wide range of primary and specialty care consultations with the help of well-trained and experienced consultants.

We aim at strengthening the health care services for the patients at all levels i.e., people in the rural and as well in the urban areas. Our outpatient clinic is an integrated setup which is easily accessible by the people in Kenya.

We provide integrated and accessible primary and specialty health care services through clinicians who are liable to address personal healthcare needs to a large group of people, developing a sustainable partnership with patients and practicing in the context of family and community. We promise to provide the patients with as much information as it is relevant to them.

The services provided by the outpatient department are based on the fixed time appointment booking system. We categorize our patients into newly referred cases or follow up cases and address their needs through multi-disciplinary health team. The team is comprised of physicians, registered nurses and clinical manager.

We work closely with other departments within the hospital in order to provide quality care to our patients. Our services include medical history, physical examinations, assessing the health status and monitoring the treatment for a variety of medical and behavioral health conditions.

We not only provide treatment to the patients but also include preventive and promotional services like health check-up, immunization, physiotherapy and so on. We ensure to improve patient’s health and well-being by promoting a healthier lifestyle.