Jumuia Friends hospital in Western Kenya is considered as the forefront in paediatric service provision for the region.  Department of Paediatrics deals with every medical ailment, including medical emergencies and critical care, for children of all ages from neonates to adolescents with specialized and planned facilities, standing as the world class infrastructure.

Our paediatricians work alongside other specialists to offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of diseases and conditions, including congenital heart disorders, congenital orthopaedic conditions, craniofacial anomalies, paediatric oncology, nephrologypulmonology and gastroenterology. Our child-care specialists do this using the latest medical technology and innovative treatments in a facility that is cutting-edge, yet child-friendly. The hospital provide integrated facilities for both inpatient and outpatient unit which offers several range of paediatric services with children friendly environment. Our aim is to serve children’s and infants with utmost care and affection and make them healthy and well at an affordable cost. The emergency paediatric unit caters all services at one area to the children who are at high risk.


The outpatient unit serves infants, children and adolescents till eighteen. The parents can consult the paediatrician for their child’s problem and if needed they are advised to take different tests and other diagnostic procedures. All these procedures are done with prior appointment and can fix the same by calling the hospital. The services are provided full-fledged as enough doctors and health care professionals are available at Jumuia hospitals round the clock.


This unit serves the children who come with severe diseases and other conditions that require close observation and treatment at the hospital under the supervision of the doctors. They are looked after by our renowned doctors, qualified nurses and well trained staffs who work round the clock. Their requirement is met immediately without any delay and our main goal is to cure them completely with specialized care.


There are many deadly diseases that affect children, it is important to protect them from the same and provide a healthy world. Vaccines and immunizations are vital as it makes the children to develop immunity. Once a child is born the immunization schedule are given by the doctors.


The emergency unit differs from inpatient unit as it caters specialized and unique care to patients who are critically ill from sudden trauma or other conditions. The doctors, nurses and other staff are specially trained and experienced in emergency care and deliver prompt service round the clock. We also have ambulance services to transfer critically ill children to the hospital.


The new-borns who are in need of special attention are observed in dedicated wards called NICU. This area has specialized equipment’s and trained health care professionals to provide unique quality care for the little ones. The babies who are born prematurely or sick will be kept in NICU until they recover and stabilized.


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